Are your lips lacking definition and colour? Would you like to bring your lips back to life?

Let me help you achieve this with Permanent Lip Blush.

This permanent makeup lip blush treatment is about making your lips even, creating the illusion of volume and ensuring that the colour stays put in any situation. All you need is a touch of gloss and you’re ready for the day.

As we age our lips lose colour making them appear less full than they used to be. This treatment adds more definition to the lip borders and Cupid’s bow, creating the illusion of fuller lips. The colour is then brought down through the entire lip.

Each colour can be tailor made to suit your skin tone and desired result. Either a subtle blush of colour or bolder brighter lips.

If you are not sure of which option to choose I offer a free consultation service where you can come in for a chat about your enhancement and I can answer any questions or concerns you have, or if you know which style you would like and just want to go ahead and book your appointment a full consultation if given on the day to make sure I achieve exactly what you are looking for.  

Lip Blush (£300)

This is a natural wash of colour over the lips, not too intense but will give the lips a healthy tint, this can still define the borders or have a border less effect.

A perfect choice if your natural lip borders are diminishing or after having lip filler your lip line is more faint. 

Top up procedure after 5/6 weeks - £30 

Lipstick Lip (£350)

This is a more intense bold enhancement over the entire lip, giving the appearance of lipstick with defined borders. A full consultation is given to find out exactly what you desire. This treatment is a form of skin tattooing where pigment is implanted into the upper dermis layer of the skin.

This is a more bold enhancement, filling the entire lip with colour and full saturation to mimic the look of lipstick.

Top up procedure after 5/6 weeks - £30 

What's involved?

Firstly the consultation...
I will look at your liptissue and natural lip colour, go through any medical history and gain some information about you and your lifestyle and how you would like your enhancement to look.  

The process...
I would carefully draw around your natural lip shape to make them as symmetrical as possible and utilise as much lip tissue as possible.  
Once this is perfect and we are both happy with the shape the tattooing can begin, numbing cream is applied though out to make you comfortable.  A very fine needle or needles are used very delicately to implant colour into the dermis layer of the skin.  Most people feel relaxed and are surprised at how pain free the treatment is.  

Once I have completed your enhancement you will be given full aftercare instructions to follow along with an aftercare lip balm to apply.  

Touch up appointment... 
After your enhancement you will be given another top up appointment around 5/6 weeks later add in any finishing touch and make sure your lip tattoo is perfect.