Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup , also known as permanent cosmetics, micropigmentation and cosmetic tattooing, is a technique where pigment (ink) is implanted into the skin to enhance your natural features and resemble makeup. The most common areas to have Permanent Makeup are Eyebrows, Lips and Eyeliner.

Who can have Permanent Makeup?

Anyone and everyone is suitable for some or all treatments, however some medical conditions may inhibit you.  You must be 18 years and over and must not be pregnant or breastfeeding.  Also some enhancements may not suit a certain skin type or face shape.  This would all be discussed with you at your appointment.  

Is it painful?

One of the most asked questions and difficult to answer as everyone's pain levels are different.  I do however ensure you are kept comfortable throughout the entire treatment with the use of a numbing agent.  Most of my clients have expressed pain to be minimal with some even falling asleep!

How long does Permanent Makeup last?

Permanent Makeup is also a tattoo as we are impanting ink into the skin and so this could be there forever.  That being said it may not longer be visible over time.  As the skin on the face is exposed to more elements daily, more than other parts of the body, the tattoo would fade much quicker.  The facial skin also regenerates quicker. Generally permanent makeup lasts anywhere from 2-5 years depending on each person,  or you may wish to keep your enhancement longer by getting a colour refresh when needed.

How long does the treatment take?

The initial appointment is approximately 2-2.5hrs from walk in to walk out.

What can expect after the treatment?

Depending on the area you may experience some swelling which would subside after 24-48 hrs after.  The colour always appears more intense immediately after and then upon the healing process the colour will soften.  On brows and lips some mild peeling/flaking will take place.  A details aftercare form is given to provide you with all the information on how to look after your new enhancement.  I also recommend SPF50 for long term.